Upcoming Events!

Here are some fun events that will be happening in the upcoming months.

March 19th-22nd Adepticon SCHAUMBERG, IL

March 27th Video Game Law Summit CHICAGO, IL

April 10th-12nd Codcon GLEN ELLYN, IL

April 24th-26th C2E2 CHICAGO, IL

May 2nd Free Comic Book Day

July 30th- August 2nd Gen Con INDIANAPOLIS, IN

August 20th-22nd Comic Con Chicago ROSEMONT, IL

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Rock Band Is Coming Back!

Harmonix, the developers of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, have announce the next installment of Rock Band for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. It has been eight years since Rock Band first came out and it has been missed. The game is for four players as each player uses a different instrument (guitar, bass, drums, vocals) to play through various songs. So far the only release date announce is 2015.

What is exiting about the announcement is that the Rock Band 4 will support songs from the previous games. I believe Harmonix listed it as 2000 songs. This includes music bought on a last generation console.

Images of new instruments have been popping up around and I begin to wonder if players will need to buy all the instruments again or would the previous generation instruments work? The idea of having the old instruments seems to be with Harmonix and hopefully get it to work.

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A Reflection — Live Tweeting

I’m not big on social media and rarely use some accounts I have. While live tweeting an event gave me a purpose to go back to Mighty Con this year, live tweeting seemed like something I had to keep remembering to do. Time flies by when searching the hundreds of boxes of comic books. For example, after my first purchase I was missing the final issue to the Forever Evil. The first thing that came to my mind was to search for the final issue but I had to remind myself to stop and tweet. But it was a new experience that I would have never done on my own.

I prefer to write a paper or article after attending an event rather than tweeting through the event. I prefer to just enjoy an event and not be bothered during it. I would like to reflect on the event because I would be able to think back and include little things that I thought were unimportant. Live tweeting is a one time thing and if you forgot about something then it’s too late to do anything.

Also, I just have a bitterness towards Twitter.

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Telltale Video Game/TV Show

Telltale is a game developer best known for their story and choice heavy games like The Walking Dead Season 1 & 2. Recently, they announced a plan to merge a video game and a TV show.

A ‘Super Show’ episode combines one part of interactive playable content with one part of scripted television style content

Kevin Bruner via Gamespot

This seems like a logical next step for the development team since their games mainly focus on story. Their video games are released in episodes while every game has multiple endings. I am excited to see what they come up with. They have a great understanding of what a narrative driven games are and how to push through it. Admit it, we hated Kenny from Walking Dead Season 1 but we cared about him!

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What Gamers Are Willing To Do For A Trophy/Achievement

Last generation consoles added a new feature to gaming. Xbox added achievements and PlayStation added trophies. But these virtual awards have captured the hearts of all types of gamers and has become a hobby for some. I admit that I have caught on and I am hooked. But how far are gamers willing to go? Well, that’s a good question. Outsidexbox has covered this topic in multiple videos describing how far we are willing to go.

This is my gamer card and trophy hunting is the hobby that I love.

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Video Games Pointless? I Think Not

Sure, video games get a bad rap or a bum rap, whatever floats your boat. But who makes these claims that video games are evil and cause problems for society. My guess is some person who never touched a controller or played a simple video game in their life. They think that video games only revolve around shooting people and glorifying violence and crime. They don’t want to put blame on themselves and use an easy patsy to place the blame else where. But, right here and now I explain why video games are useful and important to us.

Math and Reading I bet that growing up, looking at the 80’s and onward, you played a video game. There are plenty on educational games out there waiting to teach someone math or reading skills or just help improve them. Personally growing up, I had two computers in my house. My dad would get computer games for my sister and I to play. I remember playing Putt-Putt, Freddie Fish, Reader Rabbit,The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain, and various Jumpstart games. I would play them over and over again because they caught my attention and made learning enjoyable for me. They also gave a meaning to learn new skills as all the games had a story that are engaging and made you want to finish the game. I still have copies of the games and I plan to revisit them someday.

Typing and Language Back in the old days, my middle school gave us a class period to work on our computer skills. Sure we would mess around but a main focus was learning to type. But man, did the program they used was horrible. Then, typing games began to pop up. These games just added competition. The best example is The Typing of the Dead for Dreamcast. The game had player progress through a story of a zombie outbreak. Typing was the main attraction of the game and the only way to kill the zombies. Having multiple enemies coming after you, helped increase accuracy and speed. Language learning can be seen in all sort of games. Assassin’s Creed III brought the Mohawk language to a wide audience. I was pleased when I could pronounce Ratonhnhak√©:ton correctly and pick up a few words or phrases. But there are game directly related to teaching someone a new language. An example would be the My Coach series by Ubisoft for the Nintendo DS.

Management, Planning & Organization Have you ever tried playing Risk or Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution? Or any type of strategy game? Well one thing that won’t help you win is being unorganized and random. Game like those require full attention and careful planning. Thinking about your different options and what works best. Should I devote a city to produce tanks or build the United Nations? All the choices you make will determine the future of your civilization. The X-Com games also require careful planning. The games take an overview look of a squad of humans trying to fight off an alien invasion. Also, The Oregon Trail requires the user to plan and manage their trip to the west coast and it’s not so easy. Try playing the original and get your whole family to Oregon.

History Who says you can’t learn anything from video games? Well you can learn plenty of things including history. Sure you can’t believe everything a video game says or does but the developers do their research. The best example, Assassin’s Creed. The whole story of the games are rooted within history. Assassins against Templar Knights, both were real and fought often during the Crusades. Renaissance Italy was a location for two games and boy, did I learn a lot about Italian history. Other locations/events the games have taken place in were Constantinople/Istanbul, American Revolution, Golden Age of Piracy in the Caribbean, the French Revolution, and the Sevens Years’ War. These game use historical people to help place the story and have you participate in important battles.

Criticizing Society Games are more than just shooting people. They are able to criticize our society in a way that a video game can. Two examples would be Grand Theft Auto V and Flower. Even Watch_dogs. GTA take a more comedic route with the game. Social media, reality TV, capitalism, and immigration are a few topics that GTA picks on. Flower on the other hand, focuses on nature and trying to preserve it. The game is relaxing as you are a petal in the wind bringing color back to the world. The world in which Watch_Dogs takes place seems so far in the future but in reality its today’s world. To sum it up, Watch_dogs take place in Chicago were all electricity and security comes from a single source. The main character is a hacker and uses the city against itself, like causing a city wide blackout, changing traffic lights, and stopping a pace maker. We have this kind of technology to cheat the system and what happens in the game can happen in real life. But it brings up a question of an all technology society and if we really want it.

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Fun and Exciting Live Tweet Event : Mighty Con

Next week (the 28th to be exact) I will be heading to Mighty Con Comic Book Show in Wheaton for my live tweet event. Personally I am pumped to go.

Although this is a comic book show and not a event totally revolving around video games, it seems a little off from the topic. But not to worry, comics and video games work well together. Video games even get a comic book series to go along with it, which most likely it will be a prequel. Mortal Kombat X, InJustice : Gods Among Us, and the Batman Arkham series have comic book counterparts.

I’m not quite sure about other events that will be happening during the show but I will be armed with a list and I can’t wait to see what I find.

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